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Supaset   De-Riveting (Stripping) Machines

Our Supaset De-Riveting Machines have been designed and  developed to quickly and efficiently remove rolled (formed) rivets from brake shoe assemblies.

The safe, quick removal of brake linings from the brake shoe platforms is essential for an efficient re-lining workshop.

Our specially developed Supaset De-Riveting machines are designed to address the inherent problems with de-riveting the used brake shoe assemblies prior to the refurbishment process.

This is an electrically powered hydraulic machine providing the operator with a number of unique features.

  • Two Hand 'Safe System of Work' control unit providing operator safety. The two push buttons must be operated simultaneously for the cycle to start.

  • Unique dual function 'Rollset Stripper' that supports the stripping punch and removes the stripped rivet end automatically at the end of each cycle - thus eliminating the build up of stripped rivet ends on the stripping punch, reducing platform damage and 'downtime' to remove these.

  • An alignment fixture to ensure the striping punch is always correctly positioned and supported during the de-riveting cycle reducing the stripping punch breakage by eliminating any twisting movements.

  • Pneumatic clamping system to ensure the brake shoe assembly is securely clamped prior to the de-riveting operation.

  • 'Floating' c-frame assembly providing flexibility for a wide variety of products whilst also reducing operator fatigue

  • Extraction connections provided both under table and above c-frame to allow for the connecting of customers' own extraction system​

  • Integrated removable drawer to collect the stripped rivets

de riveter applicator.jpg
Supaset de riveting machine_edited.jpg
1046 shoe loading.JPG
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