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SUPASET Asset & Traceability Tags

We manufacture and supply Aluminium Asset & Traceability tags, with the lettering customised to suit your requirements.

serial no tags 1.jpg


  • provide identification & traceability for your products

  • are dot peened to ensure information is permanent ans does not rub or scratch off.

  • can include your company name or logo.

  • provide incremental serial numbers if required.

  • are supplied in coils in an easy to dispense box.

  • are ideal for Brake Shoe and similar assemblies, being attached during the riveting process.

The overall size of the Tags are 40mm x 18mm.

Availalble with 6mm, 1/4" (6.35mm), 8mm & 10mm holes sizes.

Quantity per box 1,000 as standard

Other holes sizes & quantities available on request.

Samples available on request

tag dimn pic.jpg
shoe with tag.JPG
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