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Supaset    Riveting Machines

Our Supaset Riveting Machines are specially designed and  developed to apply Supaset rivets

These constant pressure machines utilise electrically powered hydraulics systems which apply the correct setting forces automatically once the rivet gauge has been selected.

The benefits of this system include:

  • Fast, controlled operating cycle with pre-set setting pressure for each rivet gauge - enhancing process security

  • Two-Hand 'Safe System of Work' control unit providing operator safety - this ensures hands are away from the working area.

  • 'Floating' Riveting head providing flexible working for a wide range of products whilst also significantly reducing operator fatigue.

  • Automatic rivet feed system that automatically indexes every riveting cycle - this eliminating the need for pre-loading and taping of rivets prior to riveting.

riveting mc mk1 top half.JPG
applicator crop.jpg

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